wolf 019

The key to show handling is having the dog do what is natural, when we want them to do it. It is that simple.

Dogs don’t need to be taught or trained for what is required in the show ring as they already know. Dogs know how to; run, stand, stop, start, go around corners, go fast, go slow, carry their heads, move tail upand they have done for over thousands of years.

Achieving a high skill of handling show dogs is to first accept that dogs do not guess what we want them to do, therefore a form of basic communication is imperative for each action otherwise FORCE is required. Clicker training, food enticement and submission training all work but each have huge limitations for the show ring.

We know dogs do not use logic, reason or problem solving like us, if they could then they to would drive automobiles, work computers and fly airplanes. When Microsoft introduces their latest software they incorporate its ability to read the old versions but for obvious commercial reasons the old versions cannot read the latest. We have the capability to learn dog communication signals but they can never learn ours. Some people fervently believe that their dog understand some words, well they are wrong not a word, not one.

If dogs do not rationale or logic as we do, then the question begs;
How do they know what to do for themselves? INSTINCT.

Hence to effortlessly carry out any tasks for the show ring, dogs require signals that are simple, concise, succinct, in black and white, in their language not ours, allowing the utilization of their limited reasoning capacity and INSTINCT to understand our requirement.


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