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When your dog sniffs the grass on the move, you do not want to pull its head up!

No, you do not, if you pull your dog’s head up, guess which way you dog will pull?  You guessed it your dog will pull the opposite, which is down, the complete reverse to your intentions.

They say dogs have 250,000 more membranes for sense of smell than we do and that they can scent approximately 117,000 times more intensely that we can.

Our dogs can detect smells and scents that we do not even know that are there, so it is absolutely natural for our dogs to run around the ring with their head down and detecting all those scents.

Now the problem is when they carry out their natural animal instinct in the show ring it is not a good look and not a winning look.  So, we have to ask them not to whilst at the same time not fall for the old trap and not clumsily force them to desist and pull their head into their natural carriage.

So asking a dog with a simple signal to give up its natural instinct is not always easy, and an immediate response is not always forthcoming, but my theory is if you do not give up then your dog will.

The book, “TOP DOG Handling” covers all the details regarding the signals to be learnt to counter this incident and there are a further 13 other “Tricks and Techniques” covering a wide range of “in the ring”situations.  In addition, there is a further 6 chapters covering, basic principle, signals, TOP DOG philosophy, stacking, ring craft and ring strategies.

The BOOK will make a wonderful giftfor the novice and experienced handler alike, to propagate their handling skills, from now and into the future.










The book is;  $49.95. 

plus, shipping;  Australia/New Zealand $7.00 – overseas $20.00.

Purchase is available on PayPal


Direct invoice. (For this all that is needed is you email address)

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