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Touch the back of your left hand with the index finger of your right hand as fast as you can but as soft as you can!   

This is how much force I use when handling dogs.

At last my unique developed techniques are out of my head and onto paper and published so anyone in the future may wish to learn them then hopefully adopt them.

To be honest I call this work a book, but it is really a manual of philosophy leading to understanding dogs needs for the show ring and how I have adapted that practically for every aspect of handling a show dog.

You will find by adopting all or most of the techniques in the manual, your handling of dogs cannot be easier, you will enjoy showing win or lose and even more importantly than you, is your dog will thank you for being shown this way.

Over the years I have had many wonderful wins along with a number of losses but even some of those losses have been burned in my brain as the ultimate joy of handling a dog to so close to perfect it was breathtaking.

A phrase to remember is, great dog handling does not guarantee you will win dog shows, it just means you will not lose them because of you.

Trust you will enjoy this handling manual and you are guaranteed that you will learn something new.

The cost is  – AUD$49.95 plus shipping.

Shipping in Aust. – add AUD$.7.00.

Shipping overseas – add AUD$20.00.

To order, Google PayPal  – open it – enter my email address –  pcfrost@bigpond.comand go for it!

Good luck and thank you.








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